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Malifaux quarantine table – Part 10

Building has started on the warehouses. As these are large buildings the floors have been split up and magnetized so that each floor is removable to reveal the floor underneath. Additionally the magnets on each floor line up so the second floor can be omitted to make a smaller building.

The buildings in position on the board.

The patchwork modular ground looks appalling (in my opinion) which is why I’ve rebuilt it. There is now a solid MDF board underneath that the buildings will attach to (via magnets). It has added extra height to the dirt area so it now sits proud of the pavement, which is not ideal, but bearable.

Next up, painting and then adding the weathered wood to the houses, and adding detail to the warehouses. And for the more astute of our viewers you may notice that there is still a rather empty section of the table. There has been a slight deviation from the original plan… #spoilers

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