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Making mushrooms for basing and terrain

I saw an article recently about making mushrooms and decided to show you my own cheapest approach.

Materials you will need:

Grape stalks (grapes can still be attached to provide a yummy snack while you work)
Modelling clay (Milliput, Greenstuff, Air drying clay etc.)

What to do:

Remove grape from stem and eat (if it hasn’t already been removed).
Cut off ends of stalk and trim any excess. Leave to dry.

Roll a very small amount of clay into a ball.
Indent one side of the ball with a pointy object. I prefer the end of my 3.5mm headphone jack.

Press dry stalk into indent to form a smaller indent for glueing.
Wait for clay to dry…
Glue the two bits together and paint to your prefered colour scheme.

One thought on “Making mushrooms for basing and terrain

  1. Nice and simple, grape stalks are a genius idea! Way more texture than bits of tooth pick and easier aswell.

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