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How to paint acrylic tokens and dice

This is a short tutorial on how I paint my tokens and dice. The method is the same for both products but for the ease of this tutorial I’ll only be showing an example on a movement template.
So let’s get started…

NB. it is easier to paint your tokens and templates while the masking film is still attached. Don’t worry if you have already removed it as I’ll show my method for painting dice and without the masking film at the end of the tutorial.

What you will need:

Tokens, templates or dice that you are painting
Paintbrush (not your best brush)
Cheap craft acrylic paint

Painting Tokens and Templates

Step 1

Apply a liberal amount of paint to the exposed/etched acrylic areas of your token. At this point you don’t need to be accurate, but make sure you get paint into all the cracks and crevices. When you are happy with the coverage leave your paint to fully dry. Re-apply paint if the paint coverage in the recesses is not sufficient.

Step 2

When the paint is dried, peel away the masking film. This will leave the paint in the non-masked areas.

Congratulations, you token is now painted.

Painting dice or tokens without the masking film attached

If you are painting a surface that does not have a masking film (e.g Dice or tokens), then the process is slightly more labour intensive (but certainly not hard).

Step 1

Similar to the previous method, apply a liberal amount of craft paint to the surface of the token or dice. Again, you do not need to be particularly neat but try not to let too much paint build up on the surface that you don’t wish the paint to remain on.

Step 2

Allow the paint to partially dry (roughly 10 minutes) then take a paper towel or clean cloth and gently rub the surface of the token. Try not to press to hard in the areas the you wish the paint to remain as this will remove the paint from the recess.

Once all the paint has been removed you should be left with only the paint in the recesses. If the paint density is to thin or looks patchy, allow the paint to fully cure and then repeat steps 1 and 2 until you are happy with the final result.

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